Monday, January 30, 2012

Love of the Game

I really must admit that I love me some football. I have been a college and NFL fan for as long as I can remember and I have a very fond childhood memory of owning a Pittsburgh Steeler toboggan with the puffy ball on top. Don't judge I know you all probably had one too. Obviously since I am a girl I don't personally play football, thank you very much bad knees and gender, but I do love to watch it and root for my teams. My NFL team for the past 20 years has been the New England Patriots and college team is the Blue and Gold of Notre Dame. Ok, I am a Tennessean and never has my blood run UT orange and also no I'm not in anyway affiliated with Boston other than distant Irish heritage. I get that question a lot when peeps find out my teams. Don't hate just accept and move along thank you; to each his own.

When we were expecting Mr back in 1997 the current quarterback for the Patriots was Drew Bledsoe so I thought "hey I like that first name and since we're having a boy why not? Hence Mr's first name is Drew (last name not Bledsoe because he was not my baby daddy.) However, my sweet obsession with New England's current quarterback Tom Brady (*sigh*) is another story. I don't care how much people try to hate on him you've got to give it to him straight. A) he is a mighty fine looking man, especially in his Patriots uniform and the only fault I can find with Tommy is that hang around skank I call "The Gazelle" sure she's a supermodel but what eves.. B) Tommy has mad skills at the QB position and I am praying to the Football God on Sunday that my Tommy Baby Daddy is sporting another Super Bowl Ring. C) Wes Welker is very popular with me and the boy because he's not a tall man but again at wide receiver he has tremendous skills and was often overlooked and under rated and he just puts his head down, worked hard and showed all the naysayers. So come Sunday evening, Super Bowl Day, Mr and myself will be whooping and hollering and I will probably have to throw my house shoes at the TV, but I am anxiously awaiting this rematch with those little nasty Giants.

Daddy Bear is also a football fan and former player however is misguided in his choice for a NFL team. The Dolphins, I mean really?!? Last good year they had was the year I was born and well let's just say it's been a little while. Our home is rather interesting when the Patriots play the Dolphins. More times than not my boys prevail and lay the smack down on the fish. But hey Daddy Bear knows the deal and has been informed to change his current membership to winners, but you can lead a horse to water you can not make this fore said horse drink.

The last Super Bowl that my Patriots played against the Giants in 2008 was a black day in our home. My Pats had the perfect undefeated season, was in the big game playing those pesky Giants and all seemed aligned for them to swagger into football history with a undefeated season and a Super Bowl win. Sadly, it was not to be. I remember working a 12 hour shift all day on the med/surg floor (why on earth was I working on Super Bowl day I still can not recall that insanity?!) and came rushing home to watch the game. My beloved spouse thought it would be funny to take a piece of tape and write Go Giants across the tape and place it front and center on his shirt. Classy--- I think not. In his defense (why should I defend this fool?) he said he did it to give Mr and myself a "hard time and just get you two fired up." Mission accomplished Daddy Bear. So what happened next was like watching a car accident and not being able to stop it or do anything but just sit and feel helpless. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth from Wednesday and  Mr and when it was all said and done and my Pats went down in flames. I turned my anger towards Daddy Bear with the "Go Giants" on his shirt and informed him that such treachery could never be forgiven and that was grounds for the divorce courts! Needless to say I didn't follow though with that threat(after much mediation and prayer) but I do however still hold it over his head. I believe my exact words were "I will never forgive you for this!" laced with a lot of cussing too. Hey I said I'm a woman passionate about my teams.

So next Sunday is the big game and once again my beloved Patriots are once again playing the Giants in the Big Show. Mr and I are on the bandwagon rocking our support as always but Daddy Bear is laying pretty low this week. He even told me that his past experience with this subject was so seared into his brain that he was not even watching the Super Bowl with Mr and myself. So all I can say about that is "Good choice Daddy Bear and sometimes you can teach and old dog new tricks. But most importantly I offer this: GO PATRIOTS BRING IT ON HOME TO MOMMA  and Tommy I still love you and call me after you host that Lombardi Trophy.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Leap of Faith

Last April Daddy Bear, Mr and I decided we would visit a church that our recently acquired friends invited us to for Easter Sunday. I have to interject this by saying that I was somewhat jaded by our most recent church membership and although we were members, we had not attended that particular church in over a year. Just kind of going through life without a spiritual anchor and home. The church we were invited to visit was small in size and congregation and had been established in the Big Town of Gray Station for a long time, like early 1900's and didn't have a lot of buzz that I knew of or word of mouth. Just a simple Christian Church and congregation in a beautiful older building with stained glass windows. A long time ago when I had worked at a different hospital I knew of a dear friend that had passed away and was buried in this church's cemetery so from what I knew about this sweet woman I assumed it had to be a good place.

I was a little nervous visiting on Easter Sunday because let's all be honest, besides Christmas Easter Sunday is the basic belief system of pretty much all churches so I was thinking there would be more people, more pressure, etc. I was so happily proved wrong. The actual church building reminds me of what you could expect to see in Bethlehem with its large steeple(with an actual working bell with a cord to signal the start of the service), stained glass windows, and red cushion lined pews. Once inside I honestly felt the holy spirit or ghost if you will present and this church has that wonderful smell that I really can't describe or relate to other than "an old church" maybe from leather, pews made of real wood. The "church smell" for me which immediately makes me feel calm and decreases my anxiety (this is a good thing).  Mr was already there with his friend and his friend's parents (the family that had invited us) drinking probably his tenth cup of coffee of the morning and well into the "hug and howdy time". We were greeted pretty much by all of the congregation in a warm welcoming way and I didn't noticed anyone giving us the look like "who are you, why are you here and what church have you been attending." The sermon by the minister was very inspiring and the old time hymns of my youth were the music played and sang. I'm thinking at this point so far it's a real hit. On the ride home we all agreed we really enjoyed the service and would be going back for another visit. Again after each service it was feeling like where we needed to be.

Mr. surprised us on November 9th, 2011 by speaking with the minister (who thinks Mr is something else?!) and he decided he wanted to be baptized that evening! Wow we really are onto to something now. I quickly call Meme in G'Vegas and say get in your car and get to Gray Station the boy is getting baptized this evening. I'm pretty sure Mom did about 80mph the whole way. It was the evening service and the sun was setting and the light into the stained glass windows was simply beautiful. I asked the minister if I could come up to the baptismal and take pictures and he happily told me "you can do whatever you want to do for this wonderful occasion". Now what happened next some naysayers or haters might say "yeah ok Wednesday" but honestly the spirit of the Lord was truly in that church for Mr's baptism and no one can convince me otherwise. I took two pictures with my digital camera that has auto correct for lighting, flash,etc. The first picture of Mr in the baptismal is dark and a little grainy. The next picture I took of Mr was after he was submerged and brought up from the water and it is clear, light and what I consider the perfect picture. My heart was busting from my chest with pride and love and I had to try and not bawl like a baby on this perfect occasion.

We officially joined this church on January 1,2012 and I feel like for the first time in a very long time on this spiritual journey, at least for me, that I have found a perfect Christian home. Now I must tell you that I'm not a big Polly Annie thinking everything is right as rain and that our church will not have issues or problems. Not going to happen with any organized religion despite denomination or belief system. I just know that in this moment of time in my life I have fully embraced this experience, look forward to going to the services, hearing the sermons and music and getting to know the congregation better each time. It gives me a peace and a foundation and I've needed that for a long time now. I'm really glad I didn't listen to those nagging feelings of  "oh I don't want to try and find another church to attend which really could only be the devil). I feel calm and peaceful while sitting in that pew, always trying to listen and learn more while gazing at the beautiful stained glass windows. There is also a large piece of stained glass mosaic of Jesus with the cross over the altar with the verse "Not My Will, but Thine, Be Done" from Psalms 40:7-40:8. This verse is about humility I do believe. Perfect peace for me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Thoughts

I have so many random thoughts that run through my mind day and night with no rhyme or reason it's just stuff. Like tonight I was thinking (to my crazy self) those special moments, days, memories that hopefully most people are fortunate enough to be blessed with are gone in a blink of the eye. Can't somebody invent a slow down time machine and let me go back to a good time with a friend with a really good juicy conversation about nothing, the day Mr took his first steps or when they cut him out of my uterus and I saw him rushed by me on the way to NICU, or when my sweet little elderly WWII veteran hugged me and kissed my hand just like I was a fine lady back in the day (ok I'm romanticizing this moment but let me have it please), or the last time I saw my father before he passed and we hugged and told each other we loved one another......And then I stop and think, stop being selfish because time is fleeting, it is a thief and just because I've had some really great days, it does not justify me anything.

It use to drive me crazy when I was a teenager and Mom would always say "you're wishing your life away before you know it will be gone and you'll wish you had this time back" Of course I knew everything at that point in my life so I would do the expected eye roll with exasperation and say "sure Mom whatever you say." Well she was right and about a lot of other things but that's for later blogs. Tonight's round about at the Irish-Sicilian blooded home was the not so stellar performance Mr got on his English mid-term and the usual from me "you made WHAT??" followed by the usual explanations I've come to expect from Mr. Doesn't he understand the economy sucks, colleges are not cheap, I've not found that winning lottery ticket yet and Momma and Daddy Bear are not rolling in the dough to not to have to worry about college costs. It's only 3
years away now for us, wow I really do proscrinate so much. Anyway I am digressing here again.

I guess history really does repeat itself, teenagers are basically teenagers and parents are totally brain fried people who know nothing of this world and time once lost is truly gone. Kinda like looking back and kicking yourself and saying "why didn't I realize that sooner". These thoughts reminds me of a saying my Dad would always say to me "it all comes home to roost." Yes it does Dad and we better damn well savor those days.

What's in a name..

As many of you know I love to give people nicknames. Not mean or nasty nicknames (usually with a few exceptions) but a nickname all the same. I was trying to think back in the cobwebs of my brain and remember how long I had actually been doing this practice but honestly I can't recall. So for now we will just go with quite a long time. I had a coworker say to me one day "do you call anybody by their real name?" Stopped me in my tracks and I had to rattle some of those cobwebs again. Response from Wednesday, "nope J-Bomb pretty sure I don't." I guess that gives it away as to who the coworker was asking me the question.

So I will digress and explain how I got the nickname Wednesday. Nope not my real God given name. BTW when I asked my mother how she and Dad decided on my name, I'm pretty sure she told me it was from a character on a soap opera back in the day. Makes perfect sense with my 20+ year viewing of Young and the Restless, but anyway back to Wednesday.  This nickname was given to me from my wonderful, awesome and fabulous friend "Roxy" and it originated from us working together and our "Daddy" on Wednesday (a dreaded day of the week of clinic with this fool Daddy) and also a character from a reality show we were both into watching. So I guess you could say Wednesday was born a nickname from a nickname?! Clear as mud, huh? I'm also known as Red too and some other unprintables that we won't speak of on here, but I'm ok with that too.

My beloved 14 year old son has been "Mr" ever since he was a toddler and I'm pretty sure most people know when I'm referring to him as Mr it's a pretty typical day. Sort of like if I'm using his whole full name with first, middle and last then Mr. is in some deep crap with Momma Bear. Funny story about his nickname happened to us when we were at the high school completing the endless mounds of paperwork for Freshman orientation.(sidebar here: general Freshmen nicknames are Freshies). Usual paperwork with what's your name, address,primary language spoken in the home?, male/female, nationality, etc. So Wednesday says to Mr in a completely straight face "so I'm putting down that you go by Mr and what is your preference for nationality?". Now I must tell you that Mr does not share my wicked sense of humor or one-liners and while I was filling out all these papers he was too busy checking out the talent and new blood at high school, so his response was "what are you writing down about me on those papers!" I was found out by the boy. Needless to say I did not list his official, God given name as Mr nor did I list him as Pacific-Asian descent; he really does ruin all my harmless fun.

So that's the basics on nicknames, how I became known as Wednesday and how I appreciate the giving and receiving of this somewhat ridiculous practice.It can also be said that I have not given a nickname to someone who was totally upset with me about it, but the disclaimer here is if it was really bad they probably didn't know they had been tagged. I really don't see myself not following through with this practice but who knows maybe someday I might grow up....not a chance.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby Steps

So recently I was inspired by a friend from high school to start a blog, a thought I had been kicking around in my head just like kicking a can for sometime. When I started reading my friends blogs the thoughts I had were "wow she is a fantastic writer and I love how she just puts exactly what she's thinking, feeling, emotional up and down all out there for everyone! Fearless is how I perceived her blog. So Wednesday contacts her on the "social networking" spot and just say Hey I really love your posts, your style of writing and flair for laying your cards on the table and rolling along life's highway, how did you do it? She responds back "it's a guilty pleasure of mine to just express myself and I just decided to do it." As they say in Oprah's world I had a "aha" moment and said to myself, Wednesday you can do it! So here we, well probably just me, starting up my own blog spot of just random thoughts, feelings, observations, etc, etc. I'm sure I will think of a lot more to go on and on about but hey I'm thinking this is my own space on the world wide internet, I don't plan of bullying anyone, committing any crimes or any other vulgar things (noticed I typed this out so if and when someone reads this and I actually do the above I'm sure I'll get called out but that's ok too). Just want my own space to express my random thoughts and feelings about this crazy world we live in and use this tool as self expression. There I said it, I'm out there and moving this project on forward. I plan on letting my friend who inspired me to start my own blog now I've taken this leap and hopefully she will think it's a good idea too.) Let the journey begin......