Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Music for the Soul

So for the last few weeks and probably months if I'm being completely honest I have witnessed an increase in my life of flat out peaked stress levels, tomfoolery and shenanigans of epic proportions. Well ok maybe not as bad as all that but Wednesday is a little bit crispy on the edges and noting a few more gray in the hair (Ms April Roots we gotta address this soon). Anyway being a hot tempered and impatient person I have tried to find some new outlets to de-stress somewhat. Enter the beautiful, glorious reemergence of listening to music. All kinds of genres, artists and forms for Wednesday. My itunes list is literally all over the place. Come to think of it that describes my recent state of mind (just had a Oprah aha moment there). I have always loved music and can remember fondly singing in my hair brush microphone in front of the mirror convinced I was going to be the next Madonna, but alas that did not come to be.

Daddy Bear made the mistake of buying some ear buds the other day and either he didn't like them or didn't work or whatever so now they are permanently in Wednesday's ear listening to my music. It lets me shake those evading thoughts of what current family crisis is raging, what craziness at work is happening and the teenage love-Boo drama that happens nightly with Mr. It reminds me of some of my favorite childhood, high school, or college memories of loved ones lost too soon, loves gone really wrong, triumphs and success and of course good old fashioned heartache that reaches down to your bones. I am telling you I can not listen to Dan Fogelberg's Leader of the Band without bawling like a big baby (if you all spread that around I will hurt you) because of his verse in there about "his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul, my life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man"...Poppa I don't think I told you I love you near enough." now I need a tissue..And then I switch to some Rascal Flatts Banjo "kick it into drive until you hear the banjos, when I lose my smile and my thoughts gets jumbled, when the air and BS gets too thick, I've had enough of this concrete jungle" I so identify with those lyrics and it seems to feed my soul and make me think maybe I can do this after all I just needed to tuck my tail and hide/recoup for awhile.Then I flip over to maybe some classic Journey, a Old Fashioned Hymn or Maroon Five for a night cap (I truly mean it when I say to you all I'm all over the play list)

Wednesday can't really say why I strayed away from listening to music but I thank the Lord above that I'm back and trying to listen everyday (with my new headphones--wink, wink) and decompress, let my thoughts and feelings run with it and lay down the armor even if it's just a little while. My prayer for all of my beloved peeps out there is that you can find an outlet to help restore your calm and restore your faith in whatever enslaves you currently and listen to the music. I'm living proof it does not matter what music does it for you, but just take my advice on this one and plug in and tune out to the outside noise even if it's just a few minutes and show your True Colors (love you Cyndi). Oh yeah almost forgot to mention this, Adam Levine give me a call (since you recently split from Anne V) and I will definitely show you my moves like Jagger!! wink, wink and a sigh****