Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Music for the Soul

So for the last few weeks and probably months if I'm being completely honest I have witnessed an increase in my life of flat out peaked stress levels, tomfoolery and shenanigans of epic proportions. Well ok maybe not as bad as all that but Wednesday is a little bit crispy on the edges and noting a few more gray in the hair (Ms April Roots we gotta address this soon). Anyway being a hot tempered and impatient person I have tried to find some new outlets to de-stress somewhat. Enter the beautiful, glorious reemergence of listening to music. All kinds of genres, artists and forms for Wednesday. My itunes list is literally all over the place. Come to think of it that describes my recent state of mind (just had a Oprah aha moment there). I have always loved music and can remember fondly singing in my hair brush microphone in front of the mirror convinced I was going to be the next Madonna, but alas that did not come to be.

Daddy Bear made the mistake of buying some ear buds the other day and either he didn't like them or didn't work or whatever so now they are permanently in Wednesday's ear listening to my music. It lets me shake those evading thoughts of what current family crisis is raging, what craziness at work is happening and the teenage love-Boo drama that happens nightly with Mr. It reminds me of some of my favorite childhood, high school, or college memories of loved ones lost too soon, loves gone really wrong, triumphs and success and of course good old fashioned heartache that reaches down to your bones. I am telling you I can not listen to Dan Fogelberg's Leader of the Band without bawling like a big baby (if you all spread that around I will hurt you) because of his verse in there about "his blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul, my life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man"...Poppa I don't think I told you I love you near enough." now I need a tissue..And then I switch to some Rascal Flatts Banjo "kick it into drive until you hear the banjos, when I lose my smile and my thoughts gets jumbled, when the air and BS gets too thick, I've had enough of this concrete jungle" I so identify with those lyrics and it seems to feed my soul and make me think maybe I can do this after all I just needed to tuck my tail and hide/recoup for awhile.Then I flip over to maybe some classic Journey, a Old Fashioned Hymn or Maroon Five for a night cap (I truly mean it when I say to you all I'm all over the play list)

Wednesday can't really say why I strayed away from listening to music but I thank the Lord above that I'm back and trying to listen everyday (with my new headphones--wink, wink) and decompress, let my thoughts and feelings run with it and lay down the armor even if it's just a little while. My prayer for all of my beloved peeps out there is that you can find an outlet to help restore your calm and restore your faith in whatever enslaves you currently and listen to the music. I'm living proof it does not matter what music does it for you, but just take my advice on this one and plug in and tune out to the outside noise even if it's just a few minutes and show your True Colors (love you Cyndi). Oh yeah almost forgot to mention this, Adam Levine give me a call (since you recently split from Anne V) and I will definitely show you my moves like Jagger!! wink, wink and a sigh****

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Full Moon Shining Bright....

There are a lot of things in my life that I think I know for sure and true and a lot of things I know absolutely nothing about respectfully. Since I have said that I do know without a shadow of a doubt that when the moon is full and shining in the night sky chaos for Wednesday will certainly ensue. Please allow me to defend my "scientific proof" for my peeps. Since I am a full fledged registered nurse I learned this fact the hard way. My first nursing job 10 years ago was in a very busy Adult Intensive Care for a Level 1 Trauma unit and I absolutely loved (and at times hated) the controlled chaos that it brought and using and learning my critical nursing skills. One lovely full moon evening I was working and was assigned to the Code Blue Team (also loved this duty for the adrenaline rush). This full moon night was not just a regular crazy full moon night, rather a rare total eclipse full phase something, something scientific that only happens once in like every 800 years....(I am not an astronomer obviously but I remember it was a rare event). What happened next was unlike anything I had ever experienced and the "crap" definitely hit the fan hard this night.

The code blue team had SEVEN actual codes called and two of which I remember we were running on the unit simultaneously directly across from each other on the surgical unit. We ran our butts off all over that huge hospital and got our tails handed to us on a silver platter. I remember vividly one of my great male co-workers who was definitely a seasoned nurse and whom I truly looked up to looking at me and saying "Young lady full moon or not when I see your name on the code team I'm running the other way". Now this was not all due to Wednesday's presence, but from that night on I truly became a believer of working in health care and a full moon and what to expect. I'm sure this is probably true for many other professions however I can only speak for myself and the nursing side of this opinion. My opinion on this has held steadfast throughout the years and if you happen to ask anyone who has worked in health care for awhile my bet is they will agree with me on this one. Unfortunately for Wednesday this week (full moon in all its glory) has not let me down on my theory.

I happen to have a wonderful co-worker/partner that is also a believer of this full moon mystic and we often find great humor when we know that a full moon "is coming" and trying to prepare ourselves (not like you really can but maybe it makes us feel better that we're trying to be proactive?!). I tell her that I can tell its coming because she really does seem to attract the crazies like a moth to a outside light lamp and often beg her not to wear the color red, but she throws caution to the wind and wears red anyway. (sidebar here: in my scientific opinion the color red also heightens the madness). I would also like to point out that if the moon has enough influence on the ocean tides then I feel confident if affects the craziness and odd behavior of people! Throw in this week's full moon, wild and unpredictable weather and the upcoming time change and you just have a time bomb on your hands. Again, I know you all are reading this and thinking Wednesday you are just making this crap up and you are welcome to your opinions, but I am telling you that in my book this is a form of gospel and I am simply preaching the word.

Luckily there is only one day left in this work week in full moon phase and for that I say hallelujah! Several chaotic and odd things have happened this week and I've also noticed this distress with others and we just nod our heads in agreement that it is all the moon's fault and you can't fight mother nature. I am also fully aware that good Lord willing I will be subjected to many more full moons to further prove my theory, but for now I'm just really wanting to survive till Friday afternoon and take up the battle another day. Oh yeah I almost forgot to mention this: please for the love of all that is holy and pure if it is a full moon and you're working in the vicinity of Wednesday please don't wear red but definitely wear your cross and say a little prayer for divine intervention (I got this point covered). Until we meet again Mr Moon......

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Betty Crocker I am not......

As many of my friends and acquaintances know this fact that Wednesday does NOT cook. Now before you all go off half cocked and start a riot because I'm a woman and don't have a passion to whip up some Paula Dean food, I simply ask to hear me out. My beloved Mother (aka Meme) is hands down one of the best cooks I've ever tasted and she has been taught "old school" how things should be prepared. Also when I was a little tater tot my babysitter "Mama Jenks my great Aunt" was also fierce in the kitchen. Now I'm not sure when others got the "desire or passion to cook" but this bug never did bite Wednesday.  This is not to say the dear old Mom didn't try her best to pass along her family recipe book. It just didn't happen and I can say with assurance that ship has sailed.

Now obviously if you know me or see me you know I don't go hungry (thank you Lord above) and my wonderful family and friends. You know when someone at work is planning a party or get together and there is always a do-goodier there (Marylyn this is you) that makes sure you have enough meat,veggies, drinks, fixings, etc. My job is usually drinks, paper plates, disposable silverware etc. No cooking involved. But if someone was crazy enough to write me down for actual food, I would go right to the Food City and purchase it.Besides that why should I stress myself out about shopping/cooking/preparing a meal when there are so many great restaurants, drive thrus and Daddy Bear---people that actually like doing this! It is not for me Sisters and I'm tired of people saying "well you're a woman and women cook---what does your Mom think or your husband---My Lord the world is ending because Wednesday can't and won't cook somebody call the National Guard!!

Now listen folks, I've got 39 years worth of wear and tear on this body and thus far on this path I have not cooked even one home meal. Meme tried to teach me to no avail, Daddy Bear refuses to let me go anywhere near the kitchen due to previous shall we say "incidents" and my beloved child Mr is on board too. I remember when he was in 2nd grade and told his teachers that his Mom couldn't even make a salad and that Daddy Bear did the cooking because his Momma Bear was watching Sex and the City. It was all true of course, but none the less I was somewhat embarrassed. Not too long ago I was attempting to cook popcorn in the microwave and again what happens? Anarchy you guessed it. Mr comes out of his room with a totally disgusted look on his face, throws the black burnt popcorn outside and proceeds to say "Mom you can't cook so you need to leave the microwave alone!" See even the boy knows and is ok with me being absent in the kitchen. Anyway the point of this post is A) I am a female/mother B)I understand that the intake of food is a must if you want to continue to live on this planet C)As a female not every female believes you should be slapped with a label and expected to wear it proudly. So there you go and you know that I will not be entering any cooking contests rather I'll be in line at the local drive through or picking up food from a restaurant. If you do see me in the kitchen call 911 and save yourself! :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

When Things Come Together

This past weekend has been rather productive for me which is really a good thing. Usually by Friday--Wednesday is worn completely out from the weeks tomfoolery and can not wait to get home, take off the face (aka make up) get out of the tortuous bra and wear PJ's until Sunday morning. Saturday started out pretty much the same way until Daddy Bear and I decided that since my friend Breathe Chick's Sister's Prom is rapidly approaching I needed to find my Prom dress. Please allow me to elaborate. I am rapidly approaching the big nasty 40, have not been to a prom in ummh like 20 years and have quite a bit of wear and tear on this old body. But the Sister's Prom is for a good cause and the Prom dress will be donated at the end of the night for local high school girls to wear and use for their actual special night, which I think is awesome. So despite my disdain of my physical appearance Wednesday can take one for the team when needed.

I went to a local store that specializes in mature women's clothes that surprisingly also has prom gowns and I found a beautiful red full length dress that I fell in love with, but this fairytale was not to be. First I had Daddy Bear in the dressing room with me trying to push, pull and tug myself into the top part--this was not happening mind you. Oh and the strange looks you get when you ask the sales people that you are looking for a prom dress is often very priceless. Sort of like "you're kidding right? This is not for you but your daughter?" Again not the scenario so I just go along with the "she's done lost her mind" looks that I received because on a typical day I do feel like I've lost my mind; I believe it's because I'm a mother and wife and I blame it on the boys.

The stars aligned for Wednesday when Daddy Bear and I went to a Goodwill shop that he claims is "high end Goodwill". Ok didn't know there was such a beast but we'll go with it. We asked the sales lady at Goodwill if they had any prom dresses (insert the above said look at me) and was told "just those few hanging on the rack in the back.They had nothing and I thought ok well I will back up and punt (since I love football I apply this analogy a lot BTW). So when I was getting ready to exit Goodwill this really nice lady stopped me and said "I overheard you're looking for a prom dress and I'm with a organization that's having a huge prom dress sale right now and no dress is over $25!!!" Score one for the good guys. I explain to this lovely angel what we are doing and she gives me the location and the name of the lady running the show and since it's for charity I may get an even better deal on a dress. I'm on the right track now Sisters.

So I go to the Prom Dress sale and meet with another lovely angel running the show and explain again what I'm doing and she's all about this and jumps into action to help me immediately. She even finds me a "mature" looking formal dress and informs me I can buy this dress and get another dress (more appropriate for a teenage girl going to the prom--translation a lot smaller, with sleek lines and beading) and all for the price of $20 dollars for both dresses! I'm telling you all there are angels that do walk among us everyday. Side bar here: my helper Daddy Bear by this point has found the Girl Scout cookie table and is walking through the prom dress sale eating, handing out cookies and assisting his crazy wife with the newest endeavor I have dragged him to and of course socializing with all the women. We paid for the two dress-did I mention $20 for both formal dresses?--and thanked these wonderful people profusely and also exchanged information so that Wednesday can get involved in their charity project as well. I mean really, what's better than helping a young high school girl who herself or her family can not possibly afford 300-500 dollars for a prom dress but has just as much right to wear a beautiful gown and go make some memories with her friends?! Only happens once or twice during your high school career right? Or in my crazy life when you're middle age but hey it's all good!

I want to leave you with this thought that I took away from this amazing experience. Good people who are charity/community oriented really do still exist wanting to make this often dark world better for others. I believe that our good Lord above has a hand in it and everything that happens when we try to pay it forward he facilitates for us when things come together.And lastly, you're never too old to go to a Prom and shake what your Momma gave you!(or at least I will try with my crappy knees :) Thank you all you Angles out there for helping Wednesday out this weekend!!! Now go make your projects and dreams come together!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scary Times for Our Kids

I decided to use my blog as a sounding board and make an attempt to make some sense about recent events in our small country community of Gray Station. I'm not a native to Gray and have lived here for almost 17 years and this is definitely home to us. What's unbelievable frightening and tragic is the recent overdoses and untimely deaths of our teenagers to this whacked out new drugs of K2-synthetic marijuana, bath salts and incense. These currently legalized items are being sold in "head shops", tobacco stores and even at the local gas stations and are simply labeled "not for human consumption" but trust me when I say that's exactly what is killing our children! I've been told by local police officers that they are smoking or snorting these drugs and the reactions or side effects include elevated body temperature, psychosis, brain damage and multiple organ failure and the worst death. These drugs do not show up in urine or blood drug screens and the local hospitals are so overwhelmed with these patients that they are currently working on opening up new ICU and ER beds just to  deal with in influx of patients that they are seeing EVERYDAY from this crap.

Sadly this really hit close to home this past Tuesday when two Boone students had tragic outcomes from "allegedly" using bath salts and incense. A beautiful young lady that was a junior has died and a sophomore is in a drug induced coma and on a ventilator with an outcome that is unknown at this time.What's even more outrageous is that these stores are perfectly within the law (currently in Washington County TN) because these substances are not banned and I pray that does come very soon, there's always the good old internet where you can order these demons.I've also been informed that lawmakers are considering making marijuana legal in the hopes that people will not have to buy synthetic drugs for a high. Now listen people I am not saying in any way that I was a model teenager and I know my friends will back me up on this too, however I really don't remember knowing any of us in high school doing things like this and someone dying from drugs. Of course I still worry about Mr.drinking and driving, or getting into a car with someone that's been drinking and of course of meth, Lortab, oxycodone, etc. but I am here to say that this new thing of K2, bath salts and incense scares the ever loving life out of me and I think it's a sure bet it does other parents, not only in our community but also everywhere else.

My friend Annie Bug asked me today and our other partner in tomfoolery (we both have teenagers) if we weren't terrified and simultaneously we both said "YES!" and we talk to our kids everyday about what's going on. You can try your best to keep the lines of communication open, pray, stalk your children and their friends and all but threaten bodily harm but ultimately my worry is that the peer pressure and the kids not really understanding or taking the negative outcomes seriously might lead them down that road. But I plan on doing this each and every day and protesting these places, politicians, lawmakers, schools and whoever else will listen that this madness has got to stop. Even one child's death is too many!

I hope what you take away from my blog about the synthetic drugs is that they are out there, it is popular with the teens and younger adults and education about these drugs and the side effects and the very real possibility of death with even one use and trying whatever it takes to reach your children and the policy makers has to be done and parents take a firm stand. I truly believe this is going to be a very worthy cause to take up and wave the flag of attack and for the communities, rather it be big or small, to say this has to stop now and be heard by the Big Dogs. I also want to applaud Kingsport TN for recently getting these synthetic drugs banned, however a short drive to Gray or Johnson City and the kids can get them. Also several area churches and high schools are having open forums provided by law enforcement and educators open to anyone who wants to learn more and what to look for as far as warning signs and prevention. My prayer this evening is that we come together as a whole community and fight this battle together because I truly believe my child and your child is worth it and so another family will not know this heartache of losing their precious one.

I will update my blog and Facebook when our community awareness projects and protests have been arranged and I hope everyone will join us in fighting the good fight. My prayer is that with this increased awareness that the lines of communication between parent and kids will begin or continue and that we will truly listen to their voice.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reality TV is real?!

I have a few guilty pleasures such as this blog site, napping whenever I can and "Reality TV shows". I really don't discriminate against what type of show I like to watch and I have a few current favorites. I think this practice for me was born a long time ago when I was at my beloved Great Aunt/babysitter and every week day at 12:30 we were front and center (and all the other kids which were also girls quiet?!) watching Young and the Restless aka Y & R. I can personally tell you all the twists and turns of Victor and Nicki's torrid relationship, when Mrs. Chancellor had an actual face lift on the show and Jack was always trying to one up his arch nemesis Victor. I might have previously mentioned that my Mom tells me my name came from a character on Y & R but obviously I don't recall this being just a babe. Anyway I'm thinking this started at a pretty early age for me.

Fast forward 30+ years and when I compare my love for the soaps, which now is a dying breed and please Dear Lord keep my Y & R on daytime TV, the new reality shows are pretty much in my humble opinion a soap opera. There are multiple characters and situations of every sorted thing you can dream up but when you get down to the meat and bones of these shows it's all about the drama. I love Bravo channel and The Real Housewives of.......(NY,NJ,Atlanta,Orange County, Beverly Hills, Washington D.C--maybe more but that's all that comes to mind now). These women claim to be "friends" or are true siblings but they have more drama, more cat fights, more problems, more madness in 1 hour than most of us have luckily in a lifetime. However, I am not condemning these shows, quite the contrary I am sucked into this craziness. Like the car accident that you can not avert your eyes from. Another friend and I also love watching Jerseylicious and were scream laughing when Olivia and Tracey got into the throw down at Sonic about an old boyfriend that was back on the scene. I also love me some reality ghost hunting shows,E! reality shows, Tabitha's Salon Take Over,etc...ok I am a reality show TV addict and I admit it!! The latest and greatest I have found in the past two weeks is Bayou Billionaires and My Big Redneck Vacation on CMT channel. I'm usually screaming with laughter over these two show's tomfoolery. See even the music channels like country music television is in on this too!!

I was thinking just the other day "Wednesday why do you watch this trash?" echoed from Daddy Bear,and my only explanation is that I need it for a mental break from the everyday chaos and stress of my life. Now obviously I could be doing more productive things, like stalking Mr and trying to see what hot mess he has recently cooked up, housework (side note here I will take any distraction to keep from doing this nonsense), read evidence based medical journals "yawn" or fight for world peace or something better than mindless TV. But I need this kind of distraction of seeing people act out their "reality" and let my mind just travel along with them. No harm no foul right? I only partake of this trash TV as Daddy Bear calls it in the evening after I've worked my tail off all day delivering the best nursing care and skill I am capable of and going a couple of rounds with Mr about school, homework, latest Boo drama (translation of Boo drama--teenage girls) and where in the hell are your soccer cleats and shin guards for the millionth time!!! I think everyone should have a harmless, guilty pleasure and I would also like to support my TV choices in viewing with this: I do not believe this is really how "normal--whatever that is" people live their lives everyday. I mean really? that much drama would cause a massive coronary in even the most burly of folks. I just enjoy watching it, not thinking about what I need to do in clinic for my patient, why Mr has decided to drive me to the brink yet again, and Daddy Bear fussing about who knows what.

So I say to all you closest reality TV watchers out there I'm right there with you and loving every minute of it and I refuse to be ashamed of it. Everybody I know needs some kind of outlet from their daily stressors and if it's these shows, who really cares?? So program your DVRs, put on your favorite Pj's and enjoy the madness and crazy talk these "characters" provide us each week and don't worry about it probably being all rigged and staged, etc. Just eat your snacks, lose your intrusive thoughts of the day and take a little mini mental break from it all. But please keep this in the back of your mind, its not really real and I wouldn't suggest acting like those wild women on the above mentioned shows and take it to heart or maybe, just maybe Bravo will be contacting you to pitch a show :)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Love of the Game

I really must admit that I love me some football. I have been a college and NFL fan for as long as I can remember and I have a very fond childhood memory of owning a Pittsburgh Steeler toboggan with the puffy ball on top. Don't judge I know you all probably had one too. Obviously since I am a girl I don't personally play football, thank you very much bad knees and gender, but I do love to watch it and root for my teams. My NFL team for the past 20 years has been the New England Patriots and college team is the Blue and Gold of Notre Dame. Ok, I am a Tennessean and never has my blood run UT orange and also no I'm not in anyway affiliated with Boston other than distant Irish heritage. I get that question a lot when peeps find out my teams. Don't hate just accept and move along thank you; to each his own.

When we were expecting Mr back in 1997 the current quarterback for the Patriots was Drew Bledsoe so I thought "hey I like that first name and since we're having a boy why not? Hence Mr's first name is Drew (last name not Bledsoe because he was not my baby daddy.) However, my sweet obsession with New England's current quarterback Tom Brady (*sigh*) is another story. I don't care how much people try to hate on him you've got to give it to him straight. A) he is a mighty fine looking man, especially in his Patriots uniform and the only fault I can find with Tommy is that hang around skank I call "The Gazelle" sure she's a supermodel but what eves.. B) Tommy has mad skills at the QB position and I am praying to the Football God on Sunday that my Tommy Baby Daddy is sporting another Super Bowl Ring. C) Wes Welker is very popular with me and the boy because he's not a tall man but again at wide receiver he has tremendous skills and was often overlooked and under rated and he just puts his head down, worked hard and showed all the naysayers. So come Sunday evening, Super Bowl Day, Mr and myself will be whooping and hollering and I will probably have to throw my house shoes at the TV, but I am anxiously awaiting this rematch with those little nasty Giants.

Daddy Bear is also a football fan and former player however is misguided in his choice for a NFL team. The Dolphins, I mean really?!? Last good year they had was the year I was born and well let's just say it's been a little while. Our home is rather interesting when the Patriots play the Dolphins. More times than not my boys prevail and lay the smack down on the fish. But hey Daddy Bear knows the deal and has been informed to change his current membership to winners, but you can lead a horse to water you can not make this fore said horse drink.

The last Super Bowl that my Patriots played against the Giants in 2008 was a black day in our home. My Pats had the perfect undefeated season, was in the big game playing those pesky Giants and all seemed aligned for them to swagger into football history with a undefeated season and a Super Bowl win. Sadly, it was not to be. I remember working a 12 hour shift all day on the med/surg floor (why on earth was I working on Super Bowl day I still can not recall that insanity?!) and came rushing home to watch the game. My beloved spouse thought it would be funny to take a piece of tape and write Go Giants across the tape and place it front and center on his shirt. Classy--- I think not. In his defense (why should I defend this fool?) he said he did it to give Mr and myself a "hard time and just get you two fired up." Mission accomplished Daddy Bear. So what happened next was like watching a car accident and not being able to stop it or do anything but just sit and feel helpless. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth from Wednesday and  Mr and when it was all said and done and my Pats went down in flames. I turned my anger towards Daddy Bear with the "Go Giants" on his shirt and informed him that such treachery could never be forgiven and that was grounds for the divorce courts! Needless to say I didn't follow though with that threat(after much mediation and prayer) but I do however still hold it over his head. I believe my exact words were "I will never forgive you for this!" laced with a lot of cussing too. Hey I said I'm a woman passionate about my teams.

So next Sunday is the big game and once again my beloved Patriots are once again playing the Giants in the Big Show. Mr and I are on the bandwagon rocking our support as always but Daddy Bear is laying pretty low this week. He even told me that his past experience with this subject was so seared into his brain that he was not even watching the Super Bowl with Mr and myself. So all I can say about that is "Good choice Daddy Bear and sometimes you can teach and old dog new tricks. But most importantly I offer this: GO PATRIOTS BRING IT ON HOME TO MOMMA  and Tommy I still love you and call me after you host that Lombardi Trophy.