Monday, January 30, 2012

Love of the Game

I really must admit that I love me some football. I have been a college and NFL fan for as long as I can remember and I have a very fond childhood memory of owning a Pittsburgh Steeler toboggan with the puffy ball on top. Don't judge I know you all probably had one too. Obviously since I am a girl I don't personally play football, thank you very much bad knees and gender, but I do love to watch it and root for my teams. My NFL team for the past 20 years has been the New England Patriots and college team is the Blue and Gold of Notre Dame. Ok, I am a Tennessean and never has my blood run UT orange and also no I'm not in anyway affiliated with Boston other than distant Irish heritage. I get that question a lot when peeps find out my teams. Don't hate just accept and move along thank you; to each his own.

When we were expecting Mr back in 1997 the current quarterback for the Patriots was Drew Bledsoe so I thought "hey I like that first name and since we're having a boy why not? Hence Mr's first name is Drew (last name not Bledsoe because he was not my baby daddy.) However, my sweet obsession with New England's current quarterback Tom Brady (*sigh*) is another story. I don't care how much people try to hate on him you've got to give it to him straight. A) he is a mighty fine looking man, especially in his Patriots uniform and the only fault I can find with Tommy is that hang around skank I call "The Gazelle" sure she's a supermodel but what eves.. B) Tommy has mad skills at the QB position and I am praying to the Football God on Sunday that my Tommy Baby Daddy is sporting another Super Bowl Ring. C) Wes Welker is very popular with me and the boy because he's not a tall man but again at wide receiver he has tremendous skills and was often overlooked and under rated and he just puts his head down, worked hard and showed all the naysayers. So come Sunday evening, Super Bowl Day, Mr and myself will be whooping and hollering and I will probably have to throw my house shoes at the TV, but I am anxiously awaiting this rematch with those little nasty Giants.

Daddy Bear is also a football fan and former player however is misguided in his choice for a NFL team. The Dolphins, I mean really?!? Last good year they had was the year I was born and well let's just say it's been a little while. Our home is rather interesting when the Patriots play the Dolphins. More times than not my boys prevail and lay the smack down on the fish. But hey Daddy Bear knows the deal and has been informed to change his current membership to winners, but you can lead a horse to water you can not make this fore said horse drink.

The last Super Bowl that my Patriots played against the Giants in 2008 was a black day in our home. My Pats had the perfect undefeated season, was in the big game playing those pesky Giants and all seemed aligned for them to swagger into football history with a undefeated season and a Super Bowl win. Sadly, it was not to be. I remember working a 12 hour shift all day on the med/surg floor (why on earth was I working on Super Bowl day I still can not recall that insanity?!) and came rushing home to watch the game. My beloved spouse thought it would be funny to take a piece of tape and write Go Giants across the tape and place it front and center on his shirt. Classy--- I think not. In his defense (why should I defend this fool?) he said he did it to give Mr and myself a "hard time and just get you two fired up." Mission accomplished Daddy Bear. So what happened next was like watching a car accident and not being able to stop it or do anything but just sit and feel helpless. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth from Wednesday and  Mr and when it was all said and done and my Pats went down in flames. I turned my anger towards Daddy Bear with the "Go Giants" on his shirt and informed him that such treachery could never be forgiven and that was grounds for the divorce courts! Needless to say I didn't follow though with that threat(after much mediation and prayer) but I do however still hold it over his head. I believe my exact words were "I will never forgive you for this!" laced with a lot of cussing too. Hey I said I'm a woman passionate about my teams.

So next Sunday is the big game and once again my beloved Patriots are once again playing the Giants in the Big Show. Mr and I are on the bandwagon rocking our support as always but Daddy Bear is laying pretty low this week. He even told me that his past experience with this subject was so seared into his brain that he was not even watching the Super Bowl with Mr and myself. So all I can say about that is "Good choice Daddy Bear and sometimes you can teach and old dog new tricks. But most importantly I offer this: GO PATRIOTS BRING IT ON HOME TO MOMMA  and Tommy I still love you and call me after you host that Lombardi Trophy.

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